The Goose Girl: Finally Finished

A labor of love this was indeed. From the initial musings of an inspiration thanks to the Foundations Reveled 2021 Contest to the final photoshoot, it has been quite the journey. I am incredibly proud of the work I’ve done here and the level of detail this blog has held me accountable in doing it.

I’d like to share here the process of getting dressed in the full garment as well as the incredible photos taken by Taran Schatz who was gracious enough to drive from a state away to come romp around in the woods and take lots and lots of photos.

Initially, the petticoat is placed over the chemise and secured. With little suede slippers, I felt like I had just stepped into a fairytale, and I was still only in my undergarments!

Next, the lovely structured stays are laced up with loops left at the middle of the eyelets so it could easily be tightened by the wearer in either direction (top or bottom). I opted to have it laced from bottom to top (untraditionally) so that all the tension would be focused at the waistline. Plus, it gives a pretty little bow at the top then.

The front of the stays with bows at the shoulders. The smocking on the chemise at the neckline is nicely seen here too.
The top, back of the stays where the final bow is tied. The neckline of the chemise is just below the stays and is visible through the 2″ gap left at the back of the stays to accentuate the lacing.

Next, the skirt is brought up and over the head, settled at the hips, and closed at the sides.

Here, all those gorgeous cartridge pleats are visible again against the rich tones of the stays. We can also see the details of the cuff smocking.

Lastly, the apron is tied around the waist and we are ready for action!

I donned my green cotton headscarf (and some thick wool socks & snow boots) and we headed out to the woods, the Kettle Moraine woods to be exact. We had found an area of the woods that was accessible from short section of the Ice Age Trail which spans more than 1000 miles, traversing through the state of Wisconsin. Though we were in the deep of winter, the spot gave me goose bumps thinking about how much it resembled the pond and woods described in the story. All that was missing were the birch trees.

Since the photographer is a good friend, we just played in the snow and took a TON of photos. Here is a selection of some of my favorites, though I may add more as Taran edits more.

I cannot say enough about how wonderfully the day turned out, nor how grateful I am to Taran Schatz for his artistic vision in capturing this full garment. Though, it doesn’t end with the photos! Check out below for the garment reveal video.

With the photos and video complete, I officially was able to finish the project and submit to the contest. Phew! Here’s to hoping the garment is noticed amidst the incredible talent I’ve seen from other makers in this wholesome world.

I’ll take a moment here to again thank all the people in my life that have given me support along the way. Friends who took my calls every time I got stuck, laced me up every time I needed to do a fitting, and made sure I was warm in the snow during the photoshoot. The family members that begged to see pictures of the process and listen to my ramblings over holiday Zoom calls. The owner of Studio RicRac who always wanted to hear about progress when I’d stop in at her shop. Foundations Revealed & Cathy Hay for giving a space and a platform for this kind of art work to be encouraged and celebrated. Shannon Hale for inspiring me to become a reader by finding The Goose Girl.

I will not forget every bit of support along the way of this project.

I am incredibly pleased to see the project done, to see all the hours come to fruition, though I am also sad to be done. It has been a beautiful experience to work towards this goal. To allow myself the time and mental space to freely create, to gather the right pieces, and follow a line of inspiration that had no demands of “well, where will you ever wear that?”. The joy I felt when wearing the completed garment is unlike any I have had in a long time. This project gave me something to focus on and find pure joy during the tumultuous time that 2020 has been. The Goose Girl has inspired me to do more quality projects, to continue to take the time to explore technique, to grow as an artist.

I’m not sure what is coming down the pipeline for me, but I am excited and hungry for more.

If you wish to go back and see the process for any of the elements of the design, click the links to each section below:

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