It began with a sewing machine. 

A rummage sale sewing machine purchased for $15 in the north woods of Wisconsin.  From that spark, a creative journey into the world of sewing and costuming began…. 

Whether it be a quick blouse or a Tudor gown, I take the challenge of working with a rummage sale sewing machine in stride and try to use materials on a budget that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Clearance bins, antique finds, and studio clear outs provide inspiration to upcycle every garment.  I bring cast off fabrics back to life as I grow in my second life, stitching happily.  

Browse my Costume Design Portfolio for examples of my latest work, strange projects, and attempts at historical costuming.

Latest from the Blog

Blue Tudor Gown: Building the Plaquette

If you’ve followed along on this series, we’ve finished work on the kirtle, outer gown, and foresleeves. Now, it’s time to indulge in all things dramatic and sparkly and wonderful: the plaquette. The plaquette is a stiffened panel that attaches to the front of the gown to hide the center front lacing of the gown…

Blue Tudor Gown: Outer Gown

After finishing the structure of the kirtle, I could begin the work of patterning and fitting the gown bodice. In terms of sequencing, I put some of the finishing and fancy work off for the kirtle to start the bodice. I like to do this so that I could have work in cutting, sewing machine,…